De Bello Grammatico™

The word play card game.

Whether you're a Latin teacher looking to entertain your students with an educational tool while reinforcing the language and culture, or a Latin student looking for a set of flash cards to improve your grasp of the language by having fun while studying, De Bello Grammatico™ is the game for you.
Try the game both students and teachers love.
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Sentence Cards are colour-coded for parts of speech and include literary, axiomatic or historical quotes.
Word Cards contain vocabulary and clues to learn the new words without consulting a dictionary.

The base game contains:
259 Word Cards
70 Sentence Cards

The Advanced Cards expansion contains:
101 Advanced Word Cards
50 Advanced Sentence Cards

Ages 12+
Players 4+
30-90 minutes

Latin not your language?
Fear not! The French version is now available for purchase, AND we are currently working on expanding into other languages!

Mutate classical quotes!

Have Fun while learning a language

Play De Bello Grammatico™ with your friends and twist famous quotes into inane, ridiculous, nonsensical sentences. What if Caesar, crossing the Rubicon, stated that a cat had been thrown (feles iacta est)? Or perhaps Horace might have said the fellow was either mad, or making zombies (aut insanit homo, aut inferos facit).

Now Available in French!

Play De Bello Grammatico™ in French! The game works exactly the same way: swapping out words in a sentence with Word Cards from your hand. This edition features French authors and vocabulary; it is not just a translation of the Latin.